Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekly Update 10/26-10/30

Hello to everyone!

This week’s announcements

*We are having a class Halloween celebration!. We will celebrate on Thursday (team 2) and Friday (team 1).  I am going to bring the movie snacks.  We are going to do a “reverse” type of trick or treat in class this year, so the only thing kids need to bring is one bag of their favorite Halloween candy or favorite Halloween party favor (spider rings, fake tattoos, stickers, Halloween pencils type of things).  We are going to make our own Halloween treat bags!  Kids will design their own bag. Then, we will drop our candies/trinkets into each other’s bags.  Dollar Tree has a lot of this stuff, as does Amazon!  Alsoplease provide enough for 24 students. Thank you!

With regard to dressing up

*Children are allowed to wear costumes under these conditions:

            *No masks that completely cover faces

*No toy weaponseven if they go with the costume.

*Have you signed up for parent conferences?  Click the link below to sign up.

Parent Conference Sign-Up

*Our Scholastic book orders are here! Team 2 was sent home with their books on Friday. Team 1. If you ordered books, your child will bring them home tomorrow (Monday).


*Just a reminderschool lunch is FREE until December!

What are we doing this week??? See below!


*Good readers know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

*Good readers can identify the problem and solution in a story.

*Good readers use context clues to help them understand a story.


*Fact Fluency through sums of 10

*Decomposing numbers 0-10

*Solution strategies to solve addition; “count on” strategy

*Continue practice strategies to solve change unknown problems

(missing addend :  eg.  ____ +4 = 7)

*Mid-module assessment

Word Study/Grammar

*short /o/ spelling list

*stretching and blending sounds

*/sh/ digraph

Unit (Social Studies and/or Science)


Writer’s Workshop

*Good writers use different tools to help them solve spelling problems.

*Good writers start their sentences in different ways.

*Good writers use C.U.P.S. to check over their sentences for capitalization, understanding, punctuation, and spelling