Sunday, October 11, 2020

Weekly Update 10/12-10/16


Hello to everyone!

Before I give this week’s announcements, I want to share with you how PROUD I am of your children. Coming back to school after a six month hiatus is not easy. Being kindergarteners last year, your kids were still learning about what it means to be at school and be a learner. This may not sound important, but it is perhaps the most important thing they learn in the early grades. That is what Operation First Grade Bootcamp is about; laying a foundation for learning that will remain with them for the rest of their schooling years. And, they have worked so hard. They are giving me their absolute best every day. I am pushing them, knowing that we have so much work to do this year. They are rising to that challenge!  I appreciate them, and I appreciate you; setting a tone at home so when they get to school each day, they are ready. It makes such a difference, and I thank you for that!


This week’s announcements

*Picture Day is tomorrow! If you plan to purchase pictures, please have your child bring their picture purchase envelope with them to school tomorrow. The picture information is in your child’s folder.

*If you ordered books from Scholastic, the order has been placed! We should get our books within the next 10 days. If we are on red and they are delivered, I will drop them off at your house!  If you didn’t get a chance to order, no worries; I will place an order every month!

*This week we will begin spelling.  Your child’s first list and an information letter about spelling will come home this Wednesday. Spelling will include weekly “sound out” words as well as an individualized sight word list.

*If the CDH determines that we will go into the red category, I will email a mid-week update to give more information about how that will look for us. Luckily, our class is already fluent in using online tools, such as: Seesaw, Teams, Imagine Learning and I-Ready Math. That’s good news!


What are we doing this week??? See below!


*Good readers know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

*Good readers can identify the characters and settings in a story.

*Good readers use context clues to help them understand a story.


*Fact Fluency through sums of 10

*Decomposing numbers 0-10

*Addition story problems, including change unknown (missing addend i.e.  4 + ___= 7)

Word Study/Grammar

*Spelling/sight word program begins this week

*vowels v. consonants

*short /i/

Unit (Social Studies and/or Science)


Writer’s Workshop

*Introduction to writer’s workshop

*Good writers pick topics about things they know and love

*Good writers create illustrations that match their words.

*Good writers make a plan before they start to write