Monday, September 7, 2020

Weekly Update 9/6/-9/10

Welcome to the first week of school!

What a way to start the school year!  What an adventure for us all!  Mistakes will be made, tears may be shed (by the adults, not the kids 😊) but we will figure this out.

As I mentioned earlier, I will send out a weekly update every Monday. Here are this week’s announcements:

*School starts Tuesday, September 8th!  We will meet up at 9:05 in our first Teams meeting. Please go to the Seesaw app to see the day’s assignments and link to Teams meetings.

*A couple things to remember about our return to school:

      -It’s been six months since the children were in school.

      -Most of them attended half-day kindergarten.

What does this mean?  It means we will have to ease them into a full academic day, just as we would have done if school had gone on as “normal”.  We will need to build up their stamina. You will see that every second of the day is not filled. Use this time to allow the children to take breaks, rest, exercise, etc. If the schedule I’ve made is too hectic, you don’t need to worry about turning in assignments during the time period I’ve suggested. As long as it gets done, it doesn’t matter that it's not at the exact time. 

*On Teams meetings....I HOPE that there are no issues in our meetings with regard to lag time, freezing, audio, etc. However, that may happen. I am recording all of our live meetings, so if the lagging and freezing become intolerable, just leave the meeting, and have your child watch the recording later on. Let's cross our fingers the lagging and freezing are minimal. And then cross the other fingers that we can get back to school soon!

*Wednesday is late start, per usual. We will start our Wednesday meetings at 9:20. Teams will say it's starting at 9:05, but we won't start until 9:20.

*I sent an email with information about navigating Seesaw. Here is a link to that video if you didn’t get a chance to watch it.

Seesaw Tutorial Video

*Parent homework is due Monday, September 14th. I’ve already received a few notes. I love reading your letters!

*School supplies are not due to school until your child's first day of in-class learning. Below is the link to our school supply list.

School Supply List


That’s it for now! Have a wonderful week!