Sunday, September 20, 2020

Weekly Update 9/21-9/25


Hello, everyone!

Our first week is over!  We survived! This week will, once again, be the hybrid schedule. Beginning September 28th, all first graders will begin coming to school EVERY day! Very exciting!

Here are this week's announcements...

IMPORTANT! Please, please, please make sure your child knows how they are getting home every day. We go to specials at the end of the daythat means they will not be with me, so I won’t be able to remind them which way to go. Also, remind them that if they are meeting a sibling, they need to stay in the meeting spot until big brother or sister gets there. Often times the younger kids will panic and run off looking for their big if they aren’t right there waiting for them.

*Don’t forgethandwriting practice notebooks stay at home. I will assign practice pages. These do not have to be turned in to me.  About once a month I do a handwriting assessment, though, so please make sure they are practicing at home.


*The water fountains at school are closed this year. Please have your child bring a filled, spill-proof, water bottle to school daily.  If they drink all the water before the day is over, they are welcome to refill it at school.

*If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to buy your child headphones. I have some they can borrow, but last week I was informed by many children that my headphones were quite simply not good enough LOL.  I will admit they aren’t very exciting and fancy like some headphones! Anyway, please get your child some ASAP. These kids crack me up!


*Please make sure your child has their O.W.L. folder with them every day when they come to school.  And of course, their iPad and headphones, too!


*Wondering what’s for lunch each day?  Click on the link below for the lunch calendar. 


Click on link, then click on “printable traditional monthly” pdf.

Lunch Menu

So, what did we do in class last week and will continue to do in class this week (and the next week or so after that)?  Read on to find out more...

*ASSESSMENTS! It’s been six months since the children have been in school, and it is imperative that I collect information on where they are academically ASAP. We will be doing both Math and Literacy assessments. This will include assessing children on:

            *Alphabetic knowledge

            *Phonics and phonemic awareness

            *Sight words


            *Reading fluency and comprehension

            *Counting skills to 100

            *Math fact fluency

            *Adding and subtracting numbers

            *Solving story problems



      *This has to do with the expectations about how we run our classroom, and what I expect from them, behaviorally speaking.


      During this time we focus on what it means to be a learner, and learn about learner dispositions. We will learn how to think like a learner, how to solve problems we might have at school, and how to use school tools appropriately.  Additionally, we will learn about the rules we need to follow in order to be safe and able to learn while in school.  

It was a whirlwind week, and we are ready to do it again this week! Have a fantastic week, everyone!