Sunday, January 17, 2021

Weekly Update 1/18-1/22

Hello, families!

Here are this week’s announcements

* Your child brought home their sight words last week. They will be tested on the week one words this Wednesday.  They need to know how to both read AND spell the words.

*I am going to try something a little different for spelling this time around.  At home, kids only need to focus on studying the reading and spelling of the sight words.  I will not send home a spelling pattern list. We need to really be focused on the sight words.  If they can’t read the sight words, they will not improve their reading fluency and comprehension. They need to practice spelling them because sight words do not follow a specific pattern, so they can’t rely on that pattern they have memorized to spell. Please have them practice their words at home each night.  We will continue to work on spelling patterns in class, but at home I really need to them to focus on the sight words that are highlighted on their list.  Thank you!

*Information about our annual district art contest will be coming home on Tuesday. If your child is a little artist, they may be interested in participating!

*Book orders have been placed.



*Good readers can retell stories

*Good readers can sequence events in a story


*Solving subtraction word problems within 20

* Solve subtraction problems within 20

Word Study/Grammar

*Sight word list week one will be tested on Wednesday

*Bossy e spelling pattern

Unit (Social Studies and/or Science)

New unit on the United States

*What is a good citizen?

*Who are good citizens from the past?

Writer’s Workshop

Introduction to research writing