Sunday, May 16, 2021

Weekly Update 5/17-5/21

Hello, everyone!

Here are this week’s announcements

*We will have our spelling test on Wednesday, May 19th. Spelling words were sent home last Wednesday.  

*Our school earned a “Day of Awesomeness” because of our participation in the fundraiser for our P.E. program earlier this year! It will be on June 3rd. Mrs. Reed is asking that each class have a parent volunteer on that day. If you are interested, please send me an email. I’m not sure if it’s an all-day commitment or not.

*Although I won’t be assessing the last sight word list until June 7th, please have your child study a little each week. Don’t forgetthey only need to know how to read the sight words this time around. They WILL NOT be tested on the spelling of them. I hate that we have to go right up until the end of the year, but I would just feel more comfortable if they knew these words before they went on to 2nd grade. Thank you!


*Good readers can retell a story.

*Sequencing events

Identifying fact v. opinion statements


*Comparison unknown story problems

*Part unknown story problems with bigger numbers

*Working with numbers 100-121 and higher!

*Adding two digit numbers

Word Study/Grammar

*bossy r spelling pattern


Unit (Social Studies and/or Science)

*New Science Unit “It’s Alive!”

Writer’s Workshop

Information writing