Sunday, August 25, 2019

Weekly Update 8/26-8/30

Hello, everyone!

Our first day of first grade starts tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to getting this year under way.  My hope is that your child will have a great first grade year.

If you haven’t already, please make sure to subscribe to our blog, so that you will receive my weekly blog posts directly to your email.  Every week there will be important announcements.  About 50% of families have subscribed so far! That’s pretty good for the first day of school! 😊

Here are this week’s announcements

*School begins at 9:05. The playground will be open and staff supervisors will be out at 8:45. Please do not drop your child off before 8:45. There will be no adult supervision before this time.  I will be outside a little early tomorrow to show children where to line up each day. We line up outside by the primary playground, in front of the doors.

*Monday is an early release day.  School will be dismissed at 1:25.  Please make sure your child knows how they are getting home.  Also, please review with them which door they are to leave out of each day. The “back” doors are the doors right by our classroom that lead out to the primary playground. The front doors are the main doors of the building.

*For the first day of school, there is only one hot lunch choice:  Chicken Nuggets!  School lunch costs $2.50 for students, and $3.95 for adults.  If you would like to add money onto your child’s account, you may access their account on-line. Click on the link below, then scroll down to find more information about the Mypaymentsplus website.  If you think you might qualify for free/reduced lunch, click on the link below for more information about this program.

*Book orders are due Tuesday, September 3rd!

*Don’t forget about your parent homework! Parent letters are due Tuesday, September 3rd.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!